Table Mountain Tour

Tour Highlights

  • invigorating or sedate hiking trails
  • mysteries of the mountain
  • spectacular views

1 - 3 Days
Table Mountain Tour

Tour Overview

Table Mountain, actually called Hoerikwaggo in San (meaning ‘mountain of the sea’) encircles the Old Town of central Cape Town in a bowl-like fashion (hence the villages of the city beneath it are called the City Bowl). For centuries it was to mariners and the San, full of mystery and symbolism and this is still true today. Its profile is now world-renowned but in the flesh, it’s other-worldly, appearing almost alive with its fascinating climatological features: at the meeting point between two oceans, the cloud appears at times to rush off the mountain-top like an enormous white woollen waterfall, at others to cloak it in conical magician’s hat and sometimes to make it disappear from view completely during rain and dense fog.

What To Expect

To unlock the mysteries of the mountain (and to make it safe to explore it) requires the knowledge of decades that our Five Star Guides have: Dominic Chadbon is an expert in fynbos, the fragile looking flora of the mountain that mysteriously regenerates only in the presence of smoke and has walked every section of this fascinating natural phenmenon over the last twenty years. He’ll be able to take you up the white-knuckle scramble of the India Venster trail or the more sedate hike through the Valley of the Red Gods, arriving at the top of the mountain for spectacular views of the city, Robben Island and the Cape Peninsula, beyond which only Antarctica lies.

Tour Map

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