Dominic Chadbon

the Fynbos guy

WHO IS Dominic Chadbon ?

Dominic started life in England as a historian but a childhood visit to South Africa had long made it clear to him where he needed to be. He funded his African travels with temporary work and then landed a plum job at safari operator Afro-Ventures, guiding three-week-long mobile safaris through Botswana.

He trained the hard way, deep in the deltas of Botswana, the deserts of Namibia and the bushveld of South Africa over many years. Dominic learned his craft on his feet from local people and other guides, reading up on what was spotted that day and building up an instinctive knowledge of where to look for and find the massive variety of plant and animal species Southern Africa has to offer.

Dominic came to Cape Town to raise a young family, working as Director of Studies at the most prestigious language school in the town. He then moved into copy writing for a short period of time but the lure of the bush was too strong and so in 2009, Dominic returned to the wild as a full time, fully independent guide.


Dominic specialises in the treasure trove of history, flora and fauna that is the Cape Peninsula. Over 70% of the Peninsula is national park or green space and it’s through this natural landscape that Dominic will take you and show you his version of Africa.

You don’t have to be a super fit gym bunny to walk with Dominic: his walks range from the very sedate to extreme rock scrambling but on every trip, you’ll enjoy a range of experiences.

You’ll hear of the mythology of the Peninsula and Table Mountain from many cultures - Malay, San and Afrikaans - as well as the history of the Cape (the maritime, the military and contemporary). And of course you’ll witness part of the vast range of flora and fauna on the Peninsula - a place of whales and zebras, tortoises and flamingos as well as the famous Fynbos Floral Kingdom - first-hand with an expert in the field.

A keen reader and avid gardener, Dominic is married to Greer and has two daughters, Sasha and Fynn.


The Cape's most iconic places, remarkable experiences, and not-to-be-missed natural wonders are waiting for you.

Tours from R2000 per person