Shark Cage Diving Tour

Tour Highlights

  • face to face with a 3m Great White
  • compassionate encounter between man & creature
  • spectacular insight into this deeply misunderstood fish

1 Day
Shark Cage Diving Tour

Tour Overview

The Great White Shark, typically growing to around 6m in length (that’s around the length of three small cars) and weighing over 2 tonnes, is a deeply misunderstood, maligned and threatened fish: Hollywood’s obsession with the shark as a voracious predator of humans is not only completely inaccurate but damaging to the survival of these magnificent creature. On this tour, you’ll be diving with a fixed airline in a cage on board the boat of Marine Dynamics, the most ethical company in the marine industry on the Overberg coast.

What To Expect

Every trip is designed not as an adrenalin rush activity but as a compassionate encounter between human and creature – you’ll be accompanied by a marine biologist on the trip and the boat is so designed as to make the dive as non-invasive as possible to the marine environment. The drive to Gansbaai is just under two hours and the time at sea around three hours, so this will take most of the day. Please do bear in mind that sea state and weather can cancel this trip at the last minute, so should you not be able to dive, we’ve arranged that a Five Star Guide will give you a tour of the Overberg region instead.

Tour Map

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