Diana Williams

Art Extraordinaire

WHO IS Diana Williams ?

Diana started life overseas - in London to be precise - but completed her education both in Paris and New York. She moved to South Africa in 2002 and hasn’t looked back.

Her professional background is in the difficult space that is straddling corporate funders on the one side and development and support of the arts on the other. As such, she has been involved in such projects as the restoration and cleaning of St. Paul’s Cathedral, programming at Business and Arts South Africa, managing Art Week Joburg and currently serves on the board of the oldest visual arts association in the country, the AVA.

Diana’s focus these days is on highlighting the vast array of creative outpouring across multiple disciplines in the Cape: too long considered a backwater compared to more globalised centres of art, Cape Town has in recent years firmly established itself as a global centre of design and now is home to some of the most iconic art museums and schools on the continent.


To navigate this increasingly diverse landscape of creativity, particularly if your visit to the Cape is a short one, requires someone who can talk authoritatively about African architecture, design and visual art and Diana, with her global education and local perspective, is just such a person. From her corporate and art world contacts, she’s able to secure access and private viewings of some of the most exclusive private collections in the Winelands and Cape Town, as well as provide context and history to more publicly accessible artistic landmarks like the Zeitz MOCAA.

Whilst Diana can offer a general approach to art and artistic culture in the Cape, she can also focus on specifics, so if you have a particular interest in sculpture, furniture design or interior design, she’s able to build a tour just around your particular interest.

After a day with Diana, you’ll have been fully immersed in the myriad artistic beauties of the Cape and will come away with an understanding of contemporary African creativity that no other tour can offer.

Diana has a husband, Nick, who works in finance and two children and a BA from Brown University.


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